Small hydro

Small Hydro – We Are Your Partner throughout the Entire Project Lifecycle

Small hydropower plants are sophisticated and reliable solutions for a sustainable energy supply. Our experts at EPT are here to accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. From selection of products and services all the way to the operation, service, and modernization of your plants.

By perfectly aligning electric, hydraulic, and control components and developing them in an integrated manner, we are able to optimize the energy production and lifecycle of your plant. For us, efficient power supply means reconciling economic efficiency with environmental friendliness: we consciously and sparingly use natural resources for high-capacity utilization to increase earnings.

As a special type of run-of-river, low-head hydropower has a tremendous potential on waterways around the world. More than 85% of existing dams are not yet electrified, and the majority of them have low heads. An economic and ecological solution is needed to make these sites bankable.