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Ladies and gentlemen!With the ambition to be a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, everything we do revolves around finding, developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions. Every day, our employees help create a better world by designing, manufacturing, installing, developing and servicing solar, wind, hydro and hybrid projects across the region.

  • Install the best quality solar panels

    Wind generators produce more energy than rated power at high speeds

  • Install quality horizontal and vertical wind generators.

    Windgeneratoren produzieren bei hohen Drehzahlen mehr Energie als Nennleistung

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Experienced speciali

When installing alternative energy sources in your home and production facilities, following the recommendations of experienced experts, you will be sure that the energy sources you will use in the future will provide guaranteed energy.

Our company philosop

You get what you pay for. Without quality, there is no reputation; If there is no profit, there is no survival! We look forward to sharing with you a good opportunity for a pleasant, pleasant and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation! Our ambition and mission Where there is alternative energy, we are there! our company will help you decorate your future!


Sharing our thoughts about solar energy and a sustainable future


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renewable energy

Accelerating the introduction of renewable energy sources Wind and solar make up just 9 percent of the global electricity generation mix today; It is therefore clear that for the world to stay within the 1.5 °C scenario, the deployment of renewable energy sources will need to accelerate significantly.

Oson o'rnatish

Muqobil energiya manbalarini o`rnatishdan oldin mavjud obyekt oldindan o`rganiladi. O`rnatish hududlari aniq bo`lgandan keyin o`rnatish uchun optimal yechimlar topiladi.

solar energy

What can solar electricity carry to your home? It represents a top way of life. The advantages you can get with the aid of putting in a EPT SOLAR device are RELIABILITY & AFFORDABILITY, which may additionally be the smartest long-term funding you can make in your home.

wind generators

With "Energy roduction technologies" llC as your supplier and business partner, you are basing your investment on documented processes: More than 15 years experience, insights and knowledge of wind.


Sustainability in green energy means reducing or eliminating negative environmental and social impacts and maximizing the value our business and products provide to our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local communities and the planet as a whole. It also means supporting stability in governance structures.


Onshore and offshore service solutions and performance optimisation for "Energy roduction technologies" wind turbines globally to improve business case certainty.

Achieving clean energy

Today I want to share with you why we have stuck with alternative energy sources for 15 years. it was in the days when we worked together...

Solar stations service

The service of solar stations is provided free of charge for 5 years.

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Energize Society With Reliable Energy

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Save your money and earn

You will get 5 benefits from shopping:

1. You don't spend your money on energy costs.

2. Your financial support becomes a reliable provider.

3. You start to breathe relatively clean air. You will get bonuses and tourism tickets from cooperation with us.

4. You will be exempt from certain taxes

5. You will receive state subsidies.

Advice. Planning.

We recommend getting advice from experienced experts when purchasing alternative energy sources.

individual support

Each customer's order is made on the basis of individual studies.

Experienced engineers

Follow the recommendations of experienced experts when using alternative energy sources.


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Solar energy

Obtaining electricity from solar energy / obtaining heat energy

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