we get power from the wind

We get power from the wind

Wind turbines can be installed on a single or wind farm as a group of wind turbines, which can be connected to the main grid or generate electricity independently. Currently, the single wind turbine is mainly used at the level of distribution networks. By the way, increasing wind turbine capacity is limited due to technical, practical and economic problems. The advantages of using wind turbines are as follows:

•Wind energy is an economical option compared to other renewable energy sources. Although the initial cost of a wind turbine is higher than other types of renewable energy sources, its long life and high energy production efficiency can offset its initial cost and provide high economic benefits.

•Wind energy is available in different places, so wind turbines can be installed in different areas to use electricity.

•A wind turbine does not need fossil fuels, so it is a clean energy type that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

•Wind turbines can be installed in local areas, and due to their high efficiency in energy production, their energy production costs are lower than PV units.

•Wind turbines can provide remote rural areas with enough electricity to run off the main grid. In addition, wind turbines can be connected to the main grid to increase the financial benefit from these resources.